Sunday, August 18, 2013

The first of 'The How To' series

How to prep a baby for your run ( on the treadmill)

If you have a weekend spouse / have no maid and you're pretty much juggling things on the weekdays by yourself :

1. Make sure baby is well fed.

2. Make sure baby is wide awake.  (It's really hard to resume your workout if you have to stop and console your crying baby who tends to wake up every 10 minutes.)

3. Make sure baby is comfortably seated in her carry cot/ baby seater and is facing you.

4. Make sure her siblings are around to amuse her if she gets fussy.

5. Into the run, make sure you turn to her and flash a smile or call out her name every 30 seconds to show that you're still paying her some attention. ( Do this even when she's not watching so that your neck muscles are used to the frequent turning )

6. If she starts to fuss and her siblings are not cooperating, do some funny moves or weird sounds while you're running for her amusement.  Clapping like nobody's business in also acceptable.

7. Once you are done with the run, don't forget to thank God for blessing you with the nicest baby in the world.

** footnote : as baby's tolerance is forever changing, the how to's applies when it can be applied.

If your spouse is with you at all times / If you have a maid :

1. Give the baby to your spouse/ maid.

2. Run

Have fun!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
Maaf if I offended anyone in any one of my posts.
Go easy on the lemangs and rendangs.
Because I know I won't.

Have fun and be careful on the road :)