Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shut The Hell Up

With all the commotion going on in Sabah, I get nervous eveytime WW mentions about some sudden meeting. Sometimes he has to be on duty and sleep at the office to stand by for the latest command.

People have asked me, even the military dental devision is involved? Really?
Tell that to WW's boss, who's already in the field for some forensic work.

I hate to read what those keyboard warriors say online.
Rasa cam nak cabai je sekor-sekor sampai lunyai.

Our boys are out there defending the country's sovereignty, yang kau pulak dok canang hal politaik.
Asking about petty things such as who gets the contract of providing trailers to transport our military tanks and all that shit.
Dey, kubota bapak kau boleh bawak for free ke?

I don't know much of what's going on besides what you read in the papers. Being an army wife doesn't allow one such privilege to know confidential matters. But I really hope this will end soon.
In our favour of couse.

Pardon me for being emotional.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Still here.
I'm just 1-2 weeks away.

When I punch in for work every morning, my co-workers are like, " You're still here?"
It's funny most of the time, annoying some of the time.
People have asked me, whether I'm still excercising.
As scary as you may picture it, I still am. To some limitations la.

No , I'm not trying to look slim at my 9th month. I'm just trying to maintain my fitness so it wouldn't be so hard bouncing back post-natal. Also , I hate to see the faces of the nurses during my antenatal checkup scrunching up when the scale goes slightly off the estimated weekly gain.
They'll bold the wretched numbers in red with a big fat arrow pointing upwards. Not that I got that many reds but even once is a hard embarrassing lesson ( although I suspect the student nurse read the darn scale wrong because I had to get on and off at least five times untill finally she jotted down the reading).

I walk funny now. I remember once I saw a heavily pregnant woman in a shopping mall waddling away, and I was smirking to WW, " Why is she walking funny like that?"
Me and my big fat mouth.

What do I feel now?
Happy. Elated. Scared. Frustrated.
All in one ball.

Wish me luck guys.
I feel like I'm at the starting line of a race.