Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was told by Mum that on the 4-5th july she will be going to Kelantan with Dad to send off little sis to University. Arghh..5th is my Ipoh International 10k with Hub.

I was so upset I called Hub.

It looks like I'll be running on my own while he whisks the kids to the nearest McDonalds. ( anything to keep them quiet in 1 hour ( or more..) )

Tapi takpe because we have this KKM Jogathon in 25th July for 5K and I guess that'll be pretty easy.

I just hope Mum's available.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

one more

Did my 6 k today in the same kampung route. We were comparatively slow this morn and I felt a tightness in my chest for the first 2 k. It was so bad that everytime my husband tried to engage in a conversation with me,. I responded with hand gestures.

At one moment, I even told him to shut up..heheh

Thank God after 2Ks, my breathing got better and I sped up on the way back. Still couldn't make up the time I lost during my slow initial drag.

On another note, I offered my place for the Standard Chartered 5K next week to my sis. My hub had this MDA to go to so I can't make it. Lagipun dah buat 6k this month takkan nak go back to 5K pulak kot kan? ( Chehh..ayat belagak)

But I really have to clear up my family's concept of entering these races. IT'S NOT FOR WINNING, PEOPLE. If everyone entered to win then why would 15,000 people bothered to sign up for the  SCKLM ?


But I really hope my sis would go on with the race. Tambah satu lagi umat peminat.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

56 % humidity


Despite the sluggishness of my body due to water retention and some body ache due to the weights training yesterday, I decided to just go on the treadmill at lunch hour today. Jgn fikir banyak..just do it for crying out loud.

I initially paced at an incredibly slow 4.5 mph but then, reaching the last0.5  mile I decided to run for it at 7 mph.

Clocked in at the usual 23 min for 3.2km. Okla tu..dah buat time lunch hour jadi la

I just wish my idiopathic feet edema would go away soon. Hope it's not something seriously medical.

There's something wrong with the electrical wiring in my clinic today. Dah la paperwork takbleh siap, patient pun kena reject. Most of all...panasss.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It all started at 4am Sunday, me and hub took off to Penang with me having a slight tummy ache.

At 5.40 after fajr prayers on the parking lot, my initial butterflies in my stomach turned out to be the feeling to berak after all..theehee. After a trip to the loo, I was pscyed up again.

At 6.30 we started almost at the back of the worries, we run at our own pace

derap derup derap derup..

At 1k, half of them started walking. Apa lagi..potong le.

I didn’t even feel the 3.5K

Hub asked permission to go at his pace at 4K. I let him. 10 seconds later he was out of sight (menunjukkan betapa lambatnya aku lari..kehkeh)

Beat the girl who kept running and brisk walking alternatively.

beat the guy who had a mineral bottle water clutched in his hand

Beat this incredible aunty who somehow at 4 k was in front of me the whole time.

At the last 5.5 k, this Kenyan Runner who was in the 26K beat me. Gila hapa. Macam crite The Gods Must be Crazy.

At the finishing line, I was thrilled to see 39 mins on my watch. Walaupun aku tgk ramai gila dah abis before me but this was my personal best tau.

So I did it guys..

I finally did my’s like 6 years long overdue.

But I did it. In my record time. Only 4 mins later than last years 6K Malakoff KL 6K Women’s Category winner.

But like I stressed before. I’m doing this not with getting first place in mind. I don’t pay my bills with running. Kalau tak anak-anak aku mmgle tak makan.

I do this for the experience, the excercise, the endorphins. I’m doing this so that my kids can look back one day and say my mommy is a runner.

Emphasize the ‘is’ ( not was).

Ipoh International 10 I come.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Hi ho

I've just decided to change my domain..boring la old domain tu..dah la payah nak login.


I'll just jot a it of my running log this week..

01.06.09 = 6k in 44 mins

04.06.09 - 3.2 in 21 mins

So I'll be running my first road race this Sunday. Jitters? hmm..tak start lagi kot. I was thinking of running today but hub says I should probaby go against it. Rest..katanya.

It's funny now that sometimes I'm the one ajak-ing the hub to run..6 years ago I was practically begging not to run..baru lari 500 meter je dah semput..mende ntah.

And then due to babies coming in and out, I ran unactively..once a week deteriorated to once a month. Baru this year je I caught the running bug again. I've started running 3-4 times a week and decided to try road racing..kehkeh..punya la lama nak try tapi asik cari alasan nak postpone je. Now, alasan no more. Kena buat jugak

Sorry entry ni is a bit daft.kepala tgh berserabut pikir psl KMK..bohsanggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...ggggggg...dan ggggg lagi.