Sunday, February 20, 2011

Haywire Week

Inside my mind, I'm chanting , " Only 12 hours to go, only 12 hours to go, Only 12 hours to go."

Truth to the matter is, I hate oncalls. I hate anticipating the telephone to ring 24/7 (literally). I hate pulling back the ER curtain and seeing   the surprise they have waiting for me. I pity the way new FYDOs ( that's equivalent to houseman Drs) gasp after seeing for the first time the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident as if realizing for the first time that this is also in their their job scope as a dentist working in a public clinic/hospital.
Most of all, I hate the stench of blood on me after a rough call and the fact that I have to deny my children's welcome home hugs because I don't want them to remember me smelling  that way.
Tak baik la, mak aku kata. It's part of your job.
Yes, it is. But I still hate it.

And during oncall week like this la, I hit a rough patch in my  workout routine. Monday and Tuesday started out great with 11K of mileage. Lepas tu, hancusss.
And I think today, after almost 3 hours of reviewing the patients in the ward-on a weekend, screw it. Lantak la. Tomorrow's a new week.

On another note, I'm proud to say my husband's hard work this whole week in training Chiam to ride a bike without training wheels has been a success.  After a whole week of encouraging, short temper flare ups, cheering and clapping, I am proud to say that Chiam can now ride a bike on two wheels. It's been a tiring week for him and his father, every evening after work, they'd be off training till sunset, and I guess it all paid off. I'm even tempted to belanja them KFC because of this ( Chiam's favourite) but bila teringat workout this week cam hampeh, maybe that will be postponed to next week. He he.

Oh yes, last two weeks (cerita basi) I went on an official work related visit to Pui San's work place in Ipoh, in conjuction to some Healthy Setting thingy ( please, I won't bore you guys by getting into what that is). And  just as I was thinking what are the chances of me bumping into Pui San in a hospital as large as hers, I saw her gawking at her working log (?)/ bulletin board (?)/ duty roster (?),  at the main building.

(permission to reproduce this pic from your blog, Pui San) 
See, she's nice enough to hide the kelepet of my tudung. 

Surprisingly her hospital is one of the nicest I've visit. I didn't really see that coming what's with it being a mental hospital and all ( no offence, Pui San dearie). But really, it's like a hospital in a garden. And the wards are so well kept with a cheerful ambiance. And the staff greet you like they're really genuinely happy to see you. You know, like the people at McDonalds. Haha.
Apa aku merepek ni.

Anyway, signing off. I'm ready for a great new week ahead.
Just 12 more hours to go, 12 more hours to go, 12 more hours to go.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'll see you when you get there

Okay, I may have blurted out unintentionally to a few friends the real REAL reason why I plan to mellow it down this year. It's no secret really. Because I  remember posting about it in one of my 2010 post- in which I forgot which one and when. No matter - sape rajin dan tadek keje pi la belek tengok.

Anyway, due to that, me and hub have been really slacking off in our runs. I personally wanted to maintain running 4-5 times weekly with a mileage of 24-32k a week. Ni bukan training mode ye kawan-kawan. Ni maintenance mode. Tapi apakan daya, kita hanya merancang, banyak alasan mendatang. Busy  la, banyak keja la, hujan la, panas la, kursus la, meeting la, tadek sape jaga anak la..yada yada yada.

Tup-tup 5 times weekly deteriorated to 4 and last week,hohoho, I only came out with 3 runs.

And the weight is creeping in.
And to somebody who has been fat before, an increase of the scale would mean a silent blood curling scream inside.
Huh..tak boleh jadi ni.

So last Saturday, as we were belek-ing the latest issue of RW, we both got our pencerahan agung moment when we saw the words scream , "  SIGN UP, ALREADY!" in one of the articles.
So I decided ( selaku the manager) we should sign up if we wanted to keep motivated. What the heck kan? As long as it's just short races.

So I went to ENR's website. Excited nih. Saw that the 11K category was just RM5 cheaper than the HM. Grimaced. Takpela. Kalau nak murah masuk la Jogathon Sekolah Parit Haji Ali ye dak?
As I was about to click it, hub pointed out, " Opps, it's full already."
Turned out we were too late..kuang kuang kuang. Kemain korang ek. Laju benor korang register untuk race ni, ye.

So we turned to option B. Penang Malakoff run. This will be our third year participating. This year, they've decided to have it earlier than the previous years. Usually the race would be in June or July but I guess they wanted to get this over with before the big PRU. Heheh..dengarlah JJ meng'speku'.
Anyway, it's a bummer I won't be able to meet up with you guys in ENR (again) but I guess you'll see me when you'll see me.
This was 2 years ago. First road race. Hooked since 

Satu lagi before I sign off,ye. When I was small I loved watching Sesame Street. Okay I still catch it on Youtube every now and then. And I remember watching this one short cartoon segment about  a day in the life of an Indian girl. At the end of the clip, she was tucked into bed by her mom and was given coconut milk to drink before sleep ( as opposed to regular milk by the anak mat sallehs). And at that time, as a child I thought, " Tipuuuuuuuu!" Mana ada orang minum coconut milk cam tu je! It sounds exotic tapi mana adaaaaaa.....
Well, I thought I've seen it all until I saw this ad :

 bukak kelapa ada Jillian..pergh
Kita punyala nak substitute santan with milk and they're doing the opposite.
Go figure.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Being sick sucks.
I hate this, not being able to do my normal routine, not being able to go out to jamuan makan-makan at my neighbour's (rugiiii...)and I hate especially being hungry and not being able to eat ( or drink) anything.
Yes people, I caught the stomach flu.
Today I couldn't get anything in without barfing it all back out. Ingatkan nak amik cuti je , but then I thought of my appointments. I know how I hate last minute changes and I wouldn't do that to my patients so ku gagahi jua. I felt nauseas the whole time, not because I was staring constantly into people's mouth. Funnily enough I can stand that ( you just get used to it) and I thought nasib baik I'm not a proctologist.
Anyway, everytime I thought about food- and that's constantly, I get bouts of stomach cramps that's able to buckle an elephant over. And let's not mention the queasiness.
So last-last, after barfing out my sad lunch ( 2 bottles of vitagen - petua bijak bistari sapentah), I decided to go to the doctor one floor below my office. He looked at me and asked whether I'd mind a saline drip. Yes I would , I said almost too quickly. You see, the irony of it is, although I give injections to my patients on almost a daily basis, I hate HATE being poked at. And to think that I'd probably have to stay there for another hour or so to finish the drip and risk being freezed to death ( the clinic I work in is so cold sometimes I anticipate snow), I gave the idea a pass. The doctor wasn't convinced. " Stick out your tongue" he commanded. I did and he told me it was moist enough ( which strangely sounds almost dirty).
He prescribed me some medications, and advised on some bed rest. Then it was all up to me to ask Big Boss untuk leave early.
" Hang sakit apa?" he said.
" Food poisoning la boss"
" Tu la, malas masak lagi. Sapa suruh hang makan luaq? Padan muka..Hahahah" ( dia gelakkan aku kaw-kaw punya..ciss)
Gelak punya gelak last2 dia bagi jugak balik awal. Not before I got some annoying comments from some other person.
" La..sakit camni memang tambah kuruihla. Dahla tak makan, asik lari je."
Alah, dengki. Sedap-sedap je kata orang tak makan. Apsal, ko pasang kamera ke kat rumah aku?

It's now nearing 10pm and I haven't eaten. I can't stand the aroma of fried egg in the house ( my kids' dinner courtesy of hub before he went to jamuan makan-makan taman). I almost hurl, but there's nothing to hurl.
I don't feel like eating but I'm hungry.
Lepas ni nak try test makan ais krim tengok. Ada jugak alasan makan ais krim malam-malam.
Gamaknya esok tak lari lagi.

Bai bai.
Oh, ye. Gong Xi Fa Chai.
Eh, it rhymes!