Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Run as you can

I have to admit it. It's been tough to properly train this year.
This time last year, my fitness was the best it has been in years. Weekly mileage was 40-50 Ks per week.
La ni kalau dapat 20K per week pun kira alhamdulillah.

Truth is, I have other commitments. I lack the time. And maybe, just maybe a little bit lacking of motivation.
Last year, when I'm back from work, dead tired or not, I'll lace up my shoes and go for a 6 K.
Now, I'm so pooped from work that sometimes I just laze on my sofa, doing nothing but watch the kids play from inside and wish somehow, magically, just maybe by watching my kids run around, I'll burn the extra calories as well.

When I run on the treadmill, my kids won't allow me to go for more that 40 minutes.
" We bored!" they'll say
" How can you run for so long and call that fun?" they'll  poke.

And I'm caught in between.
But I'll always favor my children. I will always be on their side.
I guess that's the dilemma of a running mom.
You have to make sacrifices most of the time.

But I guess it's okay. I'm not training for anything big. I'll be lucky if I get a PB for any half marathon this year. It no big deal. A PB is nothing but a PB. You don't get a prize, you only get to gloat for a few months, tu pun kalau orang lain paham..
Cik Bedah: saya punya PB half adelah 2:06
orang lain: huh, lama nya hang lari 


Hurm, actually scratch everything I wrote above. Who am I kidding?
Actually, most of the time I don't miss the extra mileage. I just miss the eating-everything-without-gaining-an-ounce-of-weight part.
That's more like it.
Baru bunyik cam JJ khennn?

saya harap anak dara saya tidak dressing macam di atas.


  1. yahooo i got PB at Tepen, yelah who cares rite!

    PB is just bonus, the running experience with friends under the cold rainy Taiping is more rewarding :)

  2. Same boat here, in fact me even worse compared to last year. Need motivation, but then again...for what ye? Aiyak!

  3. Cik Bedah kat ofis I kalo I gloat about my timing, they all just say - ko gila apa lari lama2 jauh2. Kakaka

  4. Ray: same here. I'm just enjoying the whole experience. A PB is just a bonus. Buy hey, who am I kidding with only a base and practically almost zero training.
    Diket: Tetapi Incik Shakhir, you have your rides. My motivation now is the races I've signed up for , I guess. Tadak race, mula la nak ngulor.
    Lina: Tu la pasal, nak-nak lagi bila depa kata ," hang lari penat-penat bukan hang menang pon"..isk.

  5. takkan manjang je nak PB? jangan quit udah ler

  6. Still better than me, rasanya now 2.1km dah semput, 21km dah rasa jauh giler lol ..

  7. kj: mmg for me still jauh pun..nak-nak lagi 5K nak abis, rasa nyosal masuk.