Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Beginnings

Hello guys.. ada lagi orang ke?
Sorry for the long hiatus. I had to adjust myself to a few new changes in my life.

I've finally quit my job (yay!). Some say I'm stupid for leaving at the position where I called the shots, but I grew tired of making decisions for others.  It's mentally taxing to solve other people's problems and going to hours and hours of redundant meetings.
I didn't sign up for all of this.

So I or should I say, we started our own thing.

Say hello to..

It's right here in Taiping and I'm mighty proud of it.
Business so far is good, alhamdulillah and the best part is we have time to go for a run every morning while other people are busy rushing off to clock in for work.

We're really starting off slow right now. When I say slow , I mean really s-s-s-l-l-l-o-o-o-w-w-w.
Serius, aunty jalan kaki pagi-pagi pon boleh potong kitorang.
But it's okay cause we're back to a mileage of  almost 25K a week and that's enough to make me happy thehe.

Pelan-pelan kayuh la kan?

This is what we want.
To run our lives and to be more with the kids.
We waited so patiently for this.
Doakan yang terbaik untuk kami, kay?

Kalau sape-sape singgah Taiping, give us a visit ye?


  1. Wow! Congrats Doc!

    Nanti next year I wat appointment, sambil2 lari King of Bukit Larut. :)

    And wow! The speedy Doc is making a comeback! Weehoo!

  2. boleh boleh lai lai. Dialu-alukan
    tapi ops, janganle panggil ai speedy. At this rate, rasa cam dah x releven dah thihi

  3. Congratulation to both of you. Memang ada plan nak pegi Taipin ni, bolehlah gi check gigi sekali. (Apa jauh beno nak pegi check gigi gerb oi)

    1. tenkiu Gerb, eh mai la lai lai.
      Check up is free..baik x kami?

  4. Tahniah Doc J. Cantik waiting area klinik u.

    Ni kalau x sakit gigi pun rasa nak pegi klinik. Boleh lepak tgk tv ��

  5. Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh dan hhhhhh lagi.
    Shuklazim! Gile lama x nampak! terkujat ai hehe.
    Mai la lepak, lepak pun free. Baik x kami?

    1. wah! clever aa..
      you come la and i whisper to you haha

    2. Apa lagi yang free? Nasi lemak, teh tarik ada?

  6. Hang tunggu kami bukak cafe la kalau nak hat tu free.
    Takat ni kalu nak free, bleh kasi Mentos kat kaunter je free huhu

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