Thursday, February 20, 2014


Great news, guys.
I' m back to train again.
But it's not a big race or anything so no, you won't see me during MWM.
I'm starting on a small, wait, scratch that, I'm starting on a miniscule scale.
Just something local, slightly insignificant but at least something la kan to start with.

So there will be no panic mode, no red buttons.
I will train when I can, the best with what I can work with.
These few weeks has been a roller coaster ride at work.
Buat exit plan bagus punya tup-tup I've been pushed up the ladder.
Takpe lah, layan je la.

Apa aku dok royan ni? Just saying from now to July I have to attend A LOT of meetings and travelling so semestinya training will go haywire.
But like I said, no red buttons.
Relax. Breathe. Try not to vent macam orang gila kat FB.
Eat, by all means, eaaatttt.
Work out.
And be happy.

And still be here.
Some people in the running community have moved wayyy forward, tak terkejor.
Some people pulak quietly took a step back and creeped quietly out of the picture.
But I will try to still be here.
Kalau orang takde nak baca pon, I will still update.
Not as frequent as before, these days but I'm still lingering.

Bear with me la kan.

Sekian royanan hari ini which by the way is written during a boooriiingg meeting.


  1. I baca, I baca. Hehe. Oh okay now I can guess what your next race is. Err I think.
    Tahun ni I register MWM je baru. Hmm.

  2. Doc...

    King of Bukit Larur Doc... Bulan empat. Local ni. Event comel mesra dan penyayang gitew. Hihihi

  3. Millie: I betcha you can't guess. Something in the jabatanlah. Takde apa yang besaq pun huhu
    Lina: Oit, orang kata miniscule la. Itu more like the Big Green Giant je herher. Lagipun ai tak penah panjat Bukit Larut. Pelik kan?

  4. doc julin: i pun reg MWM jeeeee thn ni. off season kan.. tihihiii.
    blog more pleaseeee :D

  5. King of Bukit Larut mini lettew... Takde pun mention International King of Bukit Larut. hehehe

    1. my version if King of Bukit Larut mini is
      1. Climb Bukit Larut at 1% incline
      2. Pastu pi beli banana walnut muffin kat McD tepi tasik

  6. See u there! Errr hanya mampu kategori 5km sajalah! Kakaka

  7. Wei , mmg ada ka event King of Bukit Larut ni?
    Aku ingatkan korang buat lawak.

    1. Serious lah!

      Penat jer orang promote. LOL

      Sila register dan naik Bukit Larut bulan pat nanti ye. ^^