Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Hopes!

Uish, gile lama tak menjengah sini.
Okay, I've been busy these past few weeks menguruskan anak-anak bersekolah,.
Plus, menguruskan one major project that's TBA in a few months ( saspen saspen).

Anyway, what date is it today? 9th?
Is it too late for me to list out the cliche? ie my resolutions.
Orang kata, why wait for the new year to start something new or to dream big or to plan on something?
Why wait for the perfect moment?
Aku kata, alah diamlah.

I plan to go back to racing. When? Well, I'm trying to find the perfect one to start with. Not too long of a distance since I've been taking a break for about a year. You know, just the perfect race to get the gear and momentum going.

I or we plan to get our boy in shape. For you guys who haven't seen my boy, well , he's a bit on the chubby side. Walaupun sedap dipeluk, but it's high time we do something about it.
Sometimes people like to take a jab at us using him, saying things like, " Kenapa mak bapak kurus, tapi anak chubby?"
And they say it right in front of him.
Not cool, guys.
Anyway, we got him to exercise 4-5 times weekly and fingers crossed, things will work out right.

Straighten out the house. Pronto.
No procrastinating. No dilly dallying.
This is serious.(hoho)

There will be some major changes jobwise and I plan to exit gracefully.
And I do hope that the grass is greener on the other side.
Wah, misterius.

There's still a lot.
But pelan pelan la kan
We better ourselves in increments.


  1. Omaigad!!! Bersedia lah orang orang podium, Doc Julin gonna make a comeback! Welkam back! ^^

    Our boy pun getting on the chubby side, and instead of looking at him and tell people "ala, biarlah, comel" , he's kinda forced to join us during our loooooong walks. Bakar lemak gitu.

    Nak suruh lari, dia banyak songeh unless ada race for kids which unfortunately x banyak la pulak for kids his age.

    1. Homaigad!! Lawak apakah ini? Dah lama cuti Lina oi, kalau dapat finish a race pun kira, alhamdulillah.

      Tu la, bila suruh budak2 ni lari, banyak betul songehnya. Tapi jangan kata budak, adults pun cenggitu haha

  2. So, this is A New Hope. Mudah-mudahan. Next should be The Empire Strikes Back la kot.
    Kids, let them play and sweat. Sign them up for cycling or running and let them earn medals. Sporting parents sure tau recipe anak sihat punya. Good luck.