Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Still Alive !

So the last time I baliked kampung, I noticed a spanking new toy in my sister's room.
Sometimes, she's got some pretty interesting stuff, my sister.

This time it came in a form of a body composition scale.
Gila jakun.

Switced it on, or rather touch screened it on.
Entered my age and height.
Next step was to just step on the metal sensors.
And wait for a few seconds for a reading.

Aaaand the results.

bone density

total fat

muscle mass

 recommended daily calorie intake


Which dalam layman terms, means I'm doing ok.
After all that hard work for 7 months.

I was so elated, I had to call WW to tell him.

" What body composition scale, now?"
" My sister just got it. Online."
" Ha. Those things are never accurate"

Party pooper.

This is just about as anticlimax as getting a friend request at FB and finding out later that it's just one of your cousin's pre-adolescent children.


  1. Welkam back!

    This the same sister who bought RM500 running shoes dulu?

  2. Haha.
    Yup. Same person. And thank God she still uses them shoes.

  3. I want this toy thingy. The one at the gym I go to ada canggih sikit got visceral fat etc etc also metabolic age etc etc.
    Tapi lately benda tu rosak pulak. Sigh.

    Yes welcome back!

  4. Wah, canggeynyaaa. I want, I want.
    I haven't been away that long-lah. Only one month-ish. Will try my best not to repeat that again :D