Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Story

*Phone rings

We have an assault case for you. The patient was hit several times by 5 other men with helmets on the head and on the face. There's some swelling at the mouth area and we suspect there's a large laceration wound intraorally. We also suspect some sort of fracture to the mandible.

Adoi mak. Dari banyak-banyak kes yang dapat, the least I'd like to face at 1 in the morning is an assault case.

15 minutes later, at the ER I tried my damndest best to smile back and respond to a houseman's unusually chirpy attitude di malam-malam bute.

"Your patient awaits" she grinned.

The guy was bashed up pretty bad. Worser was, that he had his posse of about 6-7 people waiting by his side. One had a permanent scowl on his face.

My junior officer and I were outnumbered. Macamana la nak buat treatment alone with them waiting in the ORal Surgery room so far away from other people.

I put on my garang-est face.
" Only one person can accompany, ok."
" I repeat, sorang saje"

I walked away not waiting for a response. I would't know how gang members would react to my arahan.

When I turned, expecting them to disobey, surprisingly only the wounded guy was following ( he can walk just fine, only his face was messed up)

We brought him into our dental surgery.
A mild knock on the door.
Two men in leather jackets stood there looking back at me, smiling sheepishly.

"Er, you said only one person can accompany this guy"
" EXACTLY" ( pasang muka garang)
" Well can we escort him? We're the police"

Muka garang terlebih bajet.



  1. Boleh gelak ke?
    Alamak, gelak dah...
    Sopan santun sungguh orang Taiping. Gangster & Polis alike. Docktor garang lak. :P

    1. Dr garang pukui 1 pagi depan gengster je.
      Al maklumlah, self defense mechanism. haha

  2. Hahaha. Abam polis pun takut dengan doktor gigi. Camni kalu, u can join ops cantas...kasi cantas semua gigi genstars!

  3. Haha betui jugak. Hari tu cakap gigi dia nak kena cabut pun dia dah kecut.
    Haruslah kat tiap roadblock kena boh orang genggam forceps

  4. sorry gelak kat assault case & muka garangs. Can't help it :D
    I think I can imagine you pasang muka garang ckp pastu tak tunggu jawapan & terus jalan tu... hehe

    1. Luar buat muka ganas, dalam kecutttttt.

  5. Kahkahkah. Doktor pun boleh keluar tiket saman okehhh