Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fresh Start

It's been a while. Been busy doing this and that.
My beautiful son will be in 3rd grade this year. And my beautiful daughter will be a senior in her kindergarten ( we've been sending her to kindy since she was 4).
My, how time flies.
When we send our children to school, we're most likely one of the youngest couples there.
Which makes me glad to marry young. Comparatively.

This year will be good. I predict a lot of changes to my schedule. Changes that are good, and I hope in favour of me and my little family.

I've been on an inactive 3 weeks hiatus. 1st week was because of oncall. 2nd week passed just like that because we were busy holiday-ing. 3rd week? Well, 3rd week was just an excuse to start exercising on the 1st day of the new year.

Seronoknya cuti 13 hari!

But business will be as usual come Thursday and I will tackle whatever needs to be tacked at work with the fullest of heart ( psaiko diri, psaiko diri, psaiko diri...)

Today, I've started running/ shuffling again on my creaky treadmill. Gladly after all that break, not much issues on the tummy department. As lazy as I was today, I had to do something. Konon to get a good start on the new year physically.

Next week will mark me entering the 3rd trimester.
And I wonder to myself, how can I get larger than I am now?
God does wondrous things.

Love you guys for still reading.
Happy new year!


  1. Replies
    1. Happy new 2013 to you too Ray! More ultrasthis year eh?

  2. Bila due eh?

    Tu ada gambar Malakoff tu, sapa yang berura-ura nak race tu. Not you? Or is it you??? heh heh

    Happy new year to you and family.

    1. Hopefully early April.
      That's last year's pic la.
      Although, I am thinking of going to Malakoff Penang this year as pom pom lady but I will be extra large at the time ..huhu
      Happy new year to you too Lina!

    2. Sori sori. Tak perasan ada tulis kat banner. Maklumla, mata veteran heh heh
      Have fun being pom pom girl! :)
      Bagus la XL size, senang nak nampak. hahaha

  3. Happy new year doc! hope you have a great year ahead! enjoy reading your posts. keep writing okeh!

  4. 3rd trimester already?! So fast eh?
    Have a blessed 2013 then.

    1. Ha.
      Everybody else feels it's so fast except me ..haha
      You too! 2013 will be ur year to be back road racing then? ( when I write that I mean running okeh)

  5. Replies
    1. Muncungnya muluttt..
      Happy new year Ijam. Lama dah x jumpa haha