Tuesday, October 16, 2012

something okay and not okay

It is okay to strike a pose biting your well earned medal at the end of the race.
It is not okay to take several dozen pictures posing the same way and posting them online every 5 seconds.
Your friends just might wish the next picture will be of your chipped tooth wedged on the medal.

It is okay to say " I've finished the race in the 25th position!"
The feat itself is respectable and not everyone is podium material.
It is not okay to say, " I got number 3 at the first 500 metres until those damn Kenyans caught up with me and I finished 25th". Everytime.

It's totally okay to congratulate your female friends for getting a good placing.
It is not okay to say that women are comparatively slower runners and if your friend was a man, she'll get dead last.

It's okay to encourage a newbie friend to race.
It's not okay to comment that getting 40 minutes for a 5K is kinda slow .
He's called a newbie for the obvious reasons okay.

It is okay to like talking about running with your running buddies.
It is not okay to blabber on about the fundamentals of runnning and bring out all the jargons of the sport to anyone not remotely interested.

It's okay to be proud of what you've done so far.
It's not okay to constantly gloat.
Macam goat.

It's okay to be competitive. It fuels  the run.
It's not okay to dengki-mendengki.

It's okay if you like to sign up for races every other weekend.
It's not okay to abandon your family plans for these races.
The key is moderation. orang lain pun tak meluat dengan hobi kita.

It's okay to join races every other weekend.
It's not okay to constantly whine about your various injury because of this. Hey, you asked for it.
Be real, relaxlah. You are not a robot. Humans need time to heal. Okay, what about people who are constantly racing and not getting injured? Well, I guess they're superhumans and most of us aren't built like that

It's okay to wite your blog post.
It's not okay to write it while the course speaker is blabbering on with things you have no idea  of.

I'm not taking a jab at anybody. Mostly I'm making fun of myself and other silly things I've done or encountered  in the past 4 years of racing.
It' s all for a good laugh and a slap on the forehead so chill.

Mostly I'm bored because I'm stuck here in a 4 day kursus aim to bore the hell out of me.
The only highlight of my day is running on the gym's treadmill. I'm not even looking forward to the buffet.Sebab tak sedap. Huhu.

Sorry of the typos. I'm tapping this on my hp. Maybe wW will be kind enough to edit later.

Have fun guys :)


  1. I tak kira, sebab I dpt no 500, I nk bomb FB with 500 ofy cheesy mug ^_~

    Well said, doc. :)

    1. Cheesy shots takpe. Anyone's entitled to cheesy shots.
      Just reduce metal biting habits for your dental wellbeing :)

  2. good one :) it does makes sense.

    hiye doc!

  3. Nicely put.
    I had it in my head all these while but don't know how to lay it out. You did it casually & pakai hp lagi!
    Habis 4 days kursus, siap satu chapter...bleh? :]

    1. Adoi, x larat la satu chapter. Tu pun fasi dok jeling2 tengok kenapa I dok tertunduk-tunduk. Kehkeh.

  4. its all betul , nothing but betul

    1. Haha, mungkin ada yang beg to differ kot but everyone's entitled to their own opinion kan?

  5. Haha..betul!betul!betul! Tapi mmg tak pernah ambik gambar gigit medal.

    1. Nanti kita request organizers bagi edible medals. Nak geget pon geget la sampai hancor haha

    2. sayangla buat edible medal. Habis.

      Buat edible ala-ala teether gitu. Mak bapak leh gigit. Anak pun leh join gigit sekali. kekeke

  6. Bismillah... harap2 kalini berjaya aku send komen ni..

    Kehkehkeh... musti ramai yg makan cili cicah kicap manis baca post hang nie...

  7. Ya Allah! Berjaya! :)

    p/s: blog koman aku tu ntah apakehalnya dah berminggu takleh post komen. Baru arini boleh..

    1. Waaaaahhhh, tahniah tahniah! Nama pun dah tukau kat sini eh?

  8. Eh dah ada disclaimer dah. I like to make fun of myself.
    Kalau nak rasa cili ke kicap ke, baik rasa kuah rojak madu Mak Bee. Lagi sedap dan asyik. Kehkeh