Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Letting Go

PBIM is close to my heart.
I did my first half marathon on Penang Bridge.
I did my last sub5 marathon on Penang Bridge ( cerita lama bosan ala lemau).
I love running at night on the bridge. It's breezy and sometimes, if you're lucky it rains.
Some say it's monotonous and boring but I love running towards Penang island's skyline.
And imagine running uphill towards the booming drums and the magnificent lights on the middle part of the bridge.

This year will be the last PBIM on Penang Bridge.
They say, next year, runners will be running ( and trying out) the spanking  new , longer second bridge.
I don't know if they'll keep the name. I don't know whether it'll be just as good.
We'll just have to wait and see.
Sedihla pulak.

Last year I gave PBIM a pass due to last minute stomach issues.
This year, I won't be running  the half marathon again for the obvious reasons.
And due to my fondness of this race, I've decided to give out my racing kit for free.
It's such a waste to let it peram in my almari just like that. Kalau boleh jadi jeruk kat Chowrasta tu takpe jugak. Lebih baik berbakti kepada others who failed to or somehow forgot to sign up for the race.

Anyway, I'm giving it all away. The vest, the bib, anything inside the bag. Even the pil che ke teck aun (betul ke eja ni?)
Except the Salonpas which I'll keep for my neck aches.

So anyone of my readers who are interested, tell me why you'd like to run the last PBIM in the comment box. If you're too shy, you can email me at octopusgoreng at
Kalau ramai sangat takers, I will somehow choose one.
Kalau takde yang nak, by next week I'll mention it on one of the running groups in FB.
Please do take note, it's strictly for those who are interested in running the half marathon Women Open category. And no selling it to anybody else, okay?

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


  1. Ala.... teringinnya nak lari kat PBIM.... Ala.... *mode ngada-ngada*

    Tapi mau takde hotel available dah ek?

    Anyways, how are you doing Doc? Hope Mommy & baby doing fine! Budak2 all excited now?

    1. Sorry for the late reply but ada busy sket2-3 hari ni.
      Everything is fine, alhamdulillah. Besides the fact that I go to the bathroom 20 times a day.
      Thanks for asking :)

  2. Haish..kalau 10km tu berebut la saya nak.

  3. Kak Lina, go go go for PBIM... U can do it... hehee

  4. Doc,
    Ala... Cititel ada bilik kosong lagi. ala... Tiket Airasia baru RM49... ala...
    *mood extra mengada*

  5. Hi Lina,
    Can you give me you email then? ke nak I msg kat FB je?