Monday, January 16, 2012

Skully And Mu(r)lder

I was getting my usual evening run done when it was rudely interrupted by a phone call from one of my staff. Apparently apart from being a clinician and an administrator, I am also a counselor.
So as I was listening to the other end pouring her heart out about work issues, I noticed something weird lying at the back of my treadmill.
To my horror, it was a decapitated mouse.
And it looked fresh.

I glanced at my children, who were on the computer playing some games. Luckily they hadn't noticed.  Had they did, they'd be in hysterics.

Where the heck did it came from? I figured it must have either been brought in by a sneaking stray cat or it must have gotten in by the sewer hole from the ground floor toilet. The latter seemed more plausible at first as the treadmill is only a couple of  meters away from the toilet. It must have sneaked in between the machine and somehow got snagged by the belt or something. But then  I thought, there should be traces of fresh blood, wait, sprays of red mouse blood on the mill and the wall but there was none.
So I deducted it was maybe brought in by an unsuspecting cat.
Bodo punya kucing.

Trying to keep my voice steady and avoid panicking ( while left hand still holding the phone to my ear), I grabbed an empty plastic bag. The initial plan was to pick up the mouse with the plastic bag but then I got queasy. No way was I going to hold a mouse, berlapik or not.
Then while the other end was babbling and me uh-huh-ing, I got a dustpan and shoved the decapitated carcass into it with a broom, put the poor animal in an old shoe box and it went straight away into the outside bin.
After ending the call, I mopped the whole area around the treadmill to konon disinfect the area.

Then I went back running. (ha)
But in the middle of it all, it suddenly came to mind.
What if the mouse really got decapitated by the belt or the motor.
The head should be  lying somewhere. Exclamation mark.
Then , right there and then I started to panic.
About leptospirosis, about the possible stench of decomposition in the house, about the possibility of other mice getting in the house.
 But what I panicked most about was the THOUGHT of finding the mouse's head

Okay, I consider myself as an independent woman but when it comes to finding decapitated mouse heads, I simply had to call the  man of the house.
" We have a serious problem" I told my husband who's miles away.
"Why don't you  lift up the treadmill and look under it?" he suggested.
" Who me? Never."
" How about getting the pakcik next door to look for it?"
" Are you kidding? He'll think we're living in filth."
"So what's your suggestion, genius?"
"You find it. When you get back." And that would be a mere 18 more hours to go.
So he agreed.
And the thawing chicken on the kitchen counter made me sick and me and the kids ended up having take-outs for dinner.

But hey presto, after 18 hours there was no stench of rotting flesh.At all.
And no, I did not Febreezed the house.
WW took a peek under the treadmill and found nothing but dust bunnies.
Weird huh.
Wuuu wuu wuut wuut wuut wuuuut ( okay, that was supposed to sound like the X-Files opening theme)

So you'd think after learning the possibilities of my dreadmill being a rodent decapitator would stop or at least cease me from using it?
Out of sight, out of mind, baby.
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
And this girl needs to run.

Even if there is a little skull lodged in the machine somewhere.
Wuuu wuu wuut wuut wuut wuuuut .


  1. I think you should totally use the treadmill more. Kasik itu head that may have been stuck there hancur lebur. kekeke

    1. Hooo, yes mam. Moga bini tikus tu tak mencari mendiang suami.

  2. can borrow that wuuu wuu wuu sound for my mobile :p

  3. Lol, let's think it's a cat shall we??

    1. I'm hoping it's the cat but if it was, why didn't I notice the mouse earlier when I started the run? Plus the door was closed. Weird huh?

  4. p.s I pun nak donlod itu wuu wuu sound, bulih? xD

    1. Boleh boleh ( isk, boleh buat meniaga ni)

  5. I can't imagine camna rupa muncung bila buat bunyi theme song tu? Hehe.

    My wife pernah call me while I was away when termites came out from under the parquet. I told her to spray with Ridsect. And she worried what if by spraying the termites will become bigger. Aiyah! Banyak sangat tengok filem la ni.

    1. Muncung cam tikus la incik.

      Okay, have you ever Ridsected a cockroach before? I betcha it went crazy flying all over the place and chase you around the house kan? What if she Ridsected the termites and they actually went crazy and teamed up and swarm together in a bigger bunch?
      She's got a point you know.

  6. Hahaha..Your story made my day la Doc.

    Last week i found anak cicak mati melekat dekat botol minyak. Cut story short, dengan botol2 minyak masak tu kena buang. Nasib baik minyak dah tinggal sikit je.

    1. Ni cicak ni spisis sama tamak ngan semut la. Kalau nak rasa, jilat je la sikit. Ni pi terjun dalam satu botol bakpe ntah.

  7. It helps make running on dreadmill exciting and interesting, kan? Hikhik

    Cicak mati tersepit, katak masuk rumah... aduhai, kes2 ni memang 'menggerunkan', kan? ;]

    1. Kinda.
      Gerun. Pastu mula la tak lalu makan dalam rumah sebab dok terbayang.( alasan tak masak..eheh)

  8. hahaha bab tikus ni kak pah pun ngeri woooo...

    1. sapa tak geli,kak pah. Dok lembik semacam je, kang tak pepasal dia gigit kite -walaupun kepalanya dah takde.

  9. kotak kasut adidas ke, kotak kasut saucony?

    nak beli kasut baru lah ni ye :D

    * dah cek tapak kasut ke? mana tahu, the tikus was crushed hehe

  10. kotak kasut brooks.
    alamak, ter expose new ammo pulak dah..haha

    embarrassingly, dah cek! kat dalam kasut pun dah cek. dalam mesin basuh, vacum , belakang sofa malah dalam tong beras pun cek jugak. Manala nak tau kan.

    eh, butang reply baru ni menjadikkan comment nampak cam banyak lak.