Friday, January 27, 2012


Sorry for the late post.
This week was/is sick week.
Four days of the holidays were mostly spent indoors. My little girl got sick up to the point where we had to take her to the clinic where they did a blood test on her. Don't get me going on the whole blood taking process.
Luckily everything came out normal but she's still having fevers on and off.

By Wednesday I caught the fever and fatigue-ness hit me on Thursday.
The funny thing about running/working out  is, when you're not feeling well, it's hard to differentiate whether you're skipping the exercise because of the sickness or because of the laziness.

But I hate being down in the dumps. So I have this video to share.
Perempuan ni takde modal la tu asik post video je
Takde, betul, video ni serius kelakar.
I remember the last time I caught Rambo at the movies a few years ago, I turned to WW and whispered loudly, " You drag me here to watch this?"
But this version is clearly better. In the sense of less harsher swear words. Huhu

 This Faradyable guy is really something.
He's the same guy who posted the Teh Ais videos on Youtube.and that Louis Armstrong Gosok Gigi thing that I posted on FB.
His voice overs are dead on.
This guy is either talented or he's got too much time on his hands.


  1. Ekekeke.. thx for sharing doc.. really sengal he3, nnti akak nak share ngan golfman ;)

    Hope the family bounce back from the sakit2 real soon <3

    1. Ha'ah..memang sengal dan takde keje..hehe.
      Don't worry, the kids are already bouncing. Mama depa je still a bit under the weather.

  2. Doc JJ, you made my day with d clips! Gelak sakan tengok..haha! Bila nak turun KL ni, jom sembang2,azza belanja roti bomm :)

    1. Bolehs bolehs..nanti kite turun Kl, kita boleh meet up kat tempat fevret saya yang paling happening di Keyel yaitu Tesco Ampang..kehkeh