Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Harm

2 weeks from a big race, baru terhegeh-hegeh nak training. I'm doubting these two weeks will make any difference, but hey, no harm trying right?
Last year I had a planned schedule magnet-ed on my fridge door , dammit. Even for a half marathon.
This year, the only schedule on our fridge is my son's jadual waktu.

After weeks and weeks of 20 ish K mileage per week, last week I succeeded in getting 35K. Tu pun jenuh nak tweak my daily schedule.  This week, with my longest LSD of 10 miles (je?), it'll be twice as hard to commit especially during the weekend. Dengan jiran tetangga nak buat party barbecue nya, dengan nak servis keretanya, dengan nak send back WW to stesyen basnya. Nasib baikla my son has finished his exams, boleh la take a breather sikit sebab tak payah bertukar profession jadik cikgu waktu malam

Why am I semi-committed of training this time? Be-cause believe it or not, I have two different races on the same day (almost) and I can't decide which I will pour my  commitment to.
The first run, my larian jabatan will be held on the 19th. There's not a day gone by where I am not reminded of this race by my staff and colleagues. My boss points to my forehead and says he's counting on me - exclamation mark. Now what am I supposed to say to that? Sure, it's just a 6K, but it'll have to be a fast 6K - and very painful.

And then on the 20th, not even the next day after , rather the following early morning, I have PBIM's halfie. I feel that I have to do my best in this one too because it'll be my last race for the year as I've reserved December for vacations, reunions and back to school shopping sprees.

I'm thinking will I be able to complete both in the timing I've planned? Ke I'm setting my hopes too high? Being too optimistic? Being too analytical ?

Kalau tanya WW, he'll say " Hantam saja la" but this is coming from a guy who thinks that training for a March marathon starting from November is still 'not enough'. Hantam saja la? Alih-alih aku yang kena hantam. Pitam pun ada.

Poyo je kan? Pocoyo pun ada.

 Bole ka tarak bole?

p/s A big thank you goes to a certain Mr FS , who kindly decided to take over WW's bib. If you see a guy wearing a bib with WW's name on it, give him a big cheer and a pat on the back.


  1. Yes, you cam do it!

    X boleh pun, hantam saja lah... hihihi

    All the best with training & the two races. :)

  2. eleh Taiping Halfie haritu sekali lari dapat 4 medal! apa barang PBIM kannn?? he he gudluck doc, see u in Penang :)

  3. Bikin suspen je. Ingatkan masuk full daaa. Lari bawak kacang putih pun sure PB kat PBIM punya. Lari 6K tu cuba la lari secara bijak. Pacing orang je (hanya sekadar komen 20 sen) :]

  4. Alaaa Doc JJ..dua2 bole bebenor..tarak hal! Jumpa diPenang! p/s: comey tul bdak Pocoyo tu..buat anak angkat bole? :)

  5. Pakai je grey pants tu... mesti ada magic nanti..

    P/s: dah hilang belum kesan exclamation mark kat dahi tu?

  6. Gerb: wah! sangat konfiden dengan saya yang tak konfiden sangat..hehe..tenkiu
    Lina: Taram je la ek? Yes I cam! hehe
    Ray: 4 medal bukan bleh buat kari pon.The penganjur kata nak bagi qualifier's dinner tapi sampai skarang tadak apa pun..huhu. Ke aku yang melepas?

  7. Hentam,taram, semua pulun and you will do it :)

  8. Diket:Hah! Letihan HM pun lintang pukang. Another FM will be a longggggg wayyy down the road. Your 20 sen is worth every penny ;)
    Azza: Boleh tapi dia kena Bin Abdullah. Hehe
    Nik: As a matter of fact, I might just do that. Ada orang pakai costume Scream bagai waktu lari, and that's more scarier than my grey pants! Hakhak

  9. Tak treneng pon boleh buat FM apa, cuma kena banyak pace bersantai laa, takleh laa pace kejar podium... Jom!

  10. Zacky: Ugh..takpela. Bila terkenangkan mileage yang nak kena accumulate untuk letihan FM, rasa nak muntah hijo.
    I'm thinking, I'll let myself forget the exhaustion before I'll have another go in FM. In the meantime, I'll be happy to cheer you guys from the sidelines ;)