Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unforeseen Circumstances ( Konon)

Ha Ha Hampeh No 1:

Due to a recent allergic reaction, my dermatologist advised me to go on a vegetarian diet for 2 weeks to rule out the cause. He suspected that it was something I ate.
Okay, if he told me to do this last year, when I was training gila-gila untuk my marathons, when I was at my fittest level, when I was a health freak, I would gladly comply without the slightest hesitation. But on that day, in the doctor's room, I was like, " Err..."
But I wanted to be a good patient. And I wanted my condition to get better. So it all went well, for like a week. Until last weekend, on an unplanned trip to Bangi, to an 'unplanned' visit to my favorite restaurant there.
Jeng jeng jeng

Nah ko!




Mana tahan beb!
Ha Ha Hampeh
Guess I have to reschedule that appointment for about a week.

Ha Ha Hampeh no2
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, me and hub will not be able to make it for our beloved Malakoff Run in Penang this coming weekend. And to think I was so looking forward to running against the sea breeze and killing myself over the steep hill at the end of the course. I will however pick up our race kits in Penang on Saturday sometime in the afternoon . Rugi woo, bayar mahal-mahal. Hey, at least we'll get the shirt and the personalized bibs. My dad tried to convince me to go by myself to the run on Sunday, but I don't trust myself driving in Penang traffic. Even if it's 5 in the morning.
Ha Ha Hampeh.

Ha Ha Hampeh no 3

After all the hampeh-ness, watching this made me laugh till I cried.
Okay, so if THAT didn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.


  1. hahaah suspen nak baca hampeh 3 LOL .. u shd venture out the driving to penang laa, not too bad .. i drove there for PBIM and sesat sana sini but had fun hihi .. take care and hope u will find the cause of allergy soon .. nanti asyik kena start all over again aje ngeh ngeh ngeh !

  2. Hampeh No. 1 tu sah ler mengamuk.
    Hampeh No. 2 you can try running to Penang instead.
    Hampeh No. 3 teringat zaman sekolah cuma idak ler pakai baju sojar :D

  3. I am also allergic to vegetables, hampeh! Anyway dun be so the hampeh not able to run Malakoff. There'll be other races kan kan kan. Actually diket is right, try running to Penang for the event, sure tak hampeh for your LSD heheheee

  4. hahahaah, tadi when i read ur blog the first time, hampeh no 3 was a blank, hence my suspense mode now i know apa yang patut kena gelak lol

  5. Kakjune: blank ke video tu..itu nama nya ha ha hampeh no 4..glad you can open it finally.
    That's what I'm afraid of driving in Penang. The getting lost bit. Takooot..
    Diket: 1. semestinya..
    2. hampeh
    3. haha..dulu cam mamat tu jugak ke? ke skarang ni pun camtu jugak..kena suruh demo nih
    Yim: If I lived in Parit Buntar, then I'll be able to run across the street to Penang..baru gempak.
    Fong: Cute kan abang sojar tu?

  6. Doc JJ - hehe.. thanks for sharing. i face the same situation everytime, nekad takmo makan banyak2 nih, but when it came to a good food, lupa diri.. haha.. (talk to myself, takpe, pas ni berlari jauh2 sket, which end up tak lari pun pas tuh) :P

    driving in penang @ 5 in the morning shouldn't be a big problem. driving back from the event might. all the best. rugi tak lari..

  7. Che: standard la tu..pulun makan banyak so that after that boleh pulun lari..tapi lepas tu tak pulin lari punnn..

  8. hi JJ, first time i drop my comment here :D

    awat banyak sangat hampeh nyeee, takpa cheq, nanti ada race ang pulun pepueh nooo

  9. Hi Jaja! Another running Mom. We should start up a club. Ke dah ada dah..hehe. Sorry tak reply lama, chek tak perasan,
    Biasa la..hidup nih kadang2 penuh kehampehan, tapi mari kiita menten happy je. yay! ( aku mmg poyo)