Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Genius At Work

Genius excuses on not excercising this week ( and the week before)

  1. I was oncall ( last week)
  2. The baby spiked up a fever ( also last week)
  3. A rat somehow got into the house.
  4. The rat died somewhere in the house.
  5. The house reeks the smell of dead rat, and inhaling whatever gas the carcass emanates might be harmful to one's health.
  6. I'm at my parents's house most days this week to avoid the stench.
  7. I now have the sniffles.

Boleh pass tak?

Ok, next week, everyday must run.

Fuyoooo (sarcastically)


  1. Run everyday next week.? Fuyoooo (no, not sarcastically). I think you can.
    Me...err different story. :P
    Hope you're free from those sniffles soon!

  2. Nota kaki: I've been saying that since last week. Bila la nak buat comeback nih?
    eh, congrats on being on Tv. Didn't manage to catch the show but I bet it was awesome :D

  3. Just Do it.. tutup mata n runnnn.. hehehehe...

  4. I like reasoning #5.

    I pun takmo inhale a lot of nasty gas so kurangkan larian these past few months. HAHAHA

    Waiting for your glorious comebak Doc!

  5. Ironically, I'm waiting also! hahahaha

  6. So, last week sempat buat 'fuyoooo' tak?

    1. This week la , incik.
      Takat ni this week bergerak jugak la treadmill ngan bike tu.
      Kira bergegar jugakla cobwebs sangkut kat situ.