Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shut The Hell Up

With all the commotion going on in Sabah, I get nervous eveytime WW mentions about some sudden meeting. Sometimes he has to be on duty and sleep at the office to stand by for the latest command.

People have asked me, even the military dental devision is involved? Really?
Tell that to WW's boss, who's already in the field for some forensic work.

I hate to read what those keyboard warriors say online.
Rasa cam nak cabai je sekor-sekor sampai lunyai.

Our boys are out there defending the country's sovereignty, yang kau pulak dok canang hal politaik.
Asking about petty things such as who gets the contract of providing trailers to transport our military tanks and all that shit.
Dey, kubota bapak kau boleh bawak for free ke?

I don't know much of what's going on besides what you read in the papers. Being an army wife doesn't allow one such privilege to know confidential matters. But I really hope this will end soon.
In our favour of couse.

Pardon me for being emotional.


  1. i second!. proud of knowing someone with husband in the army line of duty.

    sabar je la doc. our new generation tak pernah rasa hidup susah. and i dont know why they have to ask every silly thing that shouldn't event have to ask/argue. too many free time i guess.

    cont make us proud WW, you have our support. and please cabaikan mulut diaorng Doc on my behalf. tak pun bak sini saya tolong sekali.

  2. I guess that's what you get when people type before doing their research.
    Yang hanginnya, species2 yang suka benor share tanpa nak kaji dulu what and why.
    Nak nampak pandai , tapi memandai2.

    We really appriciate your support Che.

  3. nanti dpt ration serbuk oren free setahun, hehehe

  4. mmg betoi, sigh. take care babe.

  5. Doc i feel u, growing up a soldier's daughter makes me sensitive to these things too, ckp mmg suka2 je. now onto matters closer at hand, u're expecting a babyyyyyyyyy.... smoga smua dipermudahkan JJ <3

  6. Lina just mentioned that your hubby is in the army. My dad was in the army, he retired in 2001. Masa LD haritu dia sibuk jugak sikit..sbb had to fulfill requests on what his opinions are etc. But those keyboard warriors never never stopped. I haangin jugak. Some personally bashed my father in this some public pages in FB. I feel youuuu.

    My BIL pun army and he spent a few mths in LD. Sempat gak my dad gi lawat dia bwk kan marrybrown for the troops :)

    Alhamdulillah semua okay dah.