Sunday, February 3, 2013

Keyboard's Fixed

Yes, yes, it actually took me 3 weeks to get my keyboard changed.
And it's a darn good excuse not to update as well.

I'm doing alright.
To keep being at this place, I ignore the digital scale in my bedroom. I don't let the cobwebs get to my treadmill. My son keeps the thing going every other day.
 Don't worry, he needs the exercise.
I still religiously exercise to that pathetic walking aerobics CD that I instruct my husband to hold his tongue while I'm at it. He tends to make fun of the people in the video especially the guy at the right hand corner who has the cheesiest smile and makes you feel like slapping him silly every time. EVERY TIME
I feel like a heel echoing the steps of the instructor to  90's-esque music, but I know it must be good for me.
Especially when I sweat like a short-no-neck-big-nosed-type-of animal at the end of the routine.

And it's this time of the year again, folks. When they start to advertise and post about races here and there. Among our favorites, Bidor Half and Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah are back this year. And so conveniently, the first all women marathon event will be held at around the same time I will be giving birth.
I read about all these updates, take a deep breath and brush that feeling aside.
That feeling of doubt whether I'll be back with my previous stamina post-baby.

But don't worry about me. It's just the hormones.
I blame everything on the hormones.
In fact, the hormones are responsible for writing this entry
The real me is actually munching on  mini seaweed rolls and wondering what to whip up the kids for dinner.


  1. Way to go Doc... as in keeping active while pregnant. :)

    April dah dekat dah...

    1. I guess I'm frustrated that I can't actually run through my pregnancy like some other moms.
      But I guess every pregnancy is different. Macamana ek nak buat smiley 'uncertain smile'?

  2. Kipitap!
    Ada la jugak citer nyer eh...although it may seemed like the piece of your time is getting tinier. Blame ot on the hormones :]

    1. karipap!
      like kata2 orang lama " Unlike love that multiplies, time, rather, divides"
      I'm not sure if that makes sense or not.
      But blame it on the hormones!

  3. i know exactly how u feel, been there .. tapi ni dah lama sangat dah hilang all the kesedihan haha and yes hormones are a havoc :) nanti dah bersalin hantar berita ok .. suruh ww sms kj :)

    1. Takpe KJ, nanti kita buat comeback sama-sama.
      Calit sket!