Friday, September 7, 2012

TGIF - Kempen 10,000 Langkah

And I really mean it.
I'm not the kind of person to post a TGIF status religiously every Friday but this week is an exception.

Seriously, my on call last week was horrendous.
I got called 4-6 times a day on average and some of the calls lasted more than 4 hours. Might as well be on active on call.
My kids whined that they hardly see me. Mana taknya, I'm out the door at 4 am and back at 9:30 am, then called back for some assault case at 12.00pm and tak balik sampai 4 pm. Tu tak kira lagi the calls at night.
I had everything, from 2 cases of near fatal massive bleeding to chair-side counseling to a mother crying over some domestical problems while I'm stitching up her son. 
The last 3 day weekend went very slowly for me.
Crawling, actually.

This weekend is all about quality time with the family.
Dan rehat di rumah.
Dan beriadah sama-sama.
Dan makan on time ( hari tu we ended up eating lunch at 4pm)
Dan just enjoying the weekend.

Sapa-sapa free this Sunday, can join us KKM-ers for our Kempen 10,000 langkah in Taman Tasik Taiping.
There will be a 6.5 km walk around the lake gardens and I guess a bit through the town.
It's open for the public and it's free.
It's kinda a compulsory thing for my staff and they kept asking me whether I'll come.
So untuk menunjukkan contoh yang baik dan ciri-ciri ketua berhemah ( hins hins), what the heck, I'll join.

Asyik lari je, kita try plak jalan beramai-ramai.
Orang Tepeng mesti heran , " Ni piket apa la pulak ni?".


  1. Taiping Mrthn this Sunday? Mgkn bley bergambaq...

  2. Boleh boleh, No prob.
    Saya memang fotogenik ( uwek!)