Monday, August 6, 2012

Nothing In Particular

Last week was a total whirlwind of emotions.  A close friend of mine of 7 years had some setback in life and trough Allah's grace got that transfer letter back to her home town to be with her family. She has been waiting for that transfer for 2 years and it so happen, it came when she was really in a bad state
She's a confidant, a mentor and I couldn't have asked for more.
It makes me sad when I hugged her goodbye, because deep in my heart somehow I felt we wouldn't see each other much anymore because she'll live so far away and the chances of her coming back here is close to nil.
I thanked her, wished her well and prayed that she'll lead a happier life ahead.

That aside, how's your Ramadhan so far?
I remember 2 years back in Ramadhan, when I was actively training for my marathon that I weighed my lowest of 46Kgs!
I must have looked so anorexic then. Mana taknya, bersahur pun dengan cereals resembling bird feed. I seldom ate rice for berbuka and was obsessed with the scale.

2 years on, I guess I'm more balanced now, with a healthier BMI and a higher energy level. I'm just hoping I can keep my exercise regime this month and don't let what life throws ( or blesses) me be a set back.

On another nore, did you guys catch the 10000 meter men finals? I loved the race and I loved that Mo Farah hugged his training partner and silver medalist Galen Rupp at the end. And Galen Rupp looked  as happy as he was for his win. That's true camaraderie. You can't get it any better than that.

But the race can't beat this video of Chris Solinsky who broke the American record in 10,000 meters in 2010 in his debut 10,000 m race. In this race, all eyes were on Galen Rupp and nobody expected anything from him. Solinsky was the true underdog.
So sayang that Solinsky couldn't get himself to the Olympics due to injury. He's some major talent.

This is so inspirational.( and you gotta love the enthusiastic commentator)

 And no, I'm not turning into some track geek. It's the Olympic season so give me a break :)


  1. 46kgs? hohohoho
    46kgs? hohohoho.... :]
    Kalau angin kencang boleh melayang...

  2. hoohhoh..takde la melayang, sepoi-sepoi bahse je