Monday, June 18, 2012

Build Up And Let Down

Someone told me about a  race said to be held near the Lake Gardens on Saturday.
Totally unadvertised. Totally by word of mouth.
And I'm such a sucker for small races.

WW was out of town. And my parents offered to look after the kids so I thought, what have I got to lose, eh?

I haven't been to the Lake Garden in a while. It's literally a stone's throw from my office.  I could actually almost see it from the window of my surgery. It's a wonder how something so close can be so far.

Anyway, I arrived at about 7 am. No signs of any banner. Or any racers. Or Any organizers.
Just the usual Saturday morning crowd.
I decided to be optimistic. Maybe it was too early. So I decided to recce the place with a good 1 round warm up around the whole park.
As I made my way into the park, I could see some of the hardcore runners finishing or almost finishing their runs. That's how hardcore they are. Finishing up at 7 when the rest of the normal people ( read: me) are just starting up.

So I ran that 2-ish mile loop. Still no sign of any race. No matter. I decided, alang-alang dah datang kan? Might as well go on another loop.

Now I've been running indoors for weeks. That's not counting the usual 1K I do with my kids on Sundays in another park.
 So after sometime of running stationary, running on a road feels liberating.
Now I'm an advocate of treadmill running just because in the current situation I'm in, I have no choice.
But if you ask me, really , truthfully, seriously : I'd rather be running out.

There's just so much to see and so many runners to beat. Did I just write that? Beat? I meant meet.

So did I care  when a  RELA volunteer manning the road told me that there WAS to be a road race that day but it was ONLY for school kids ? Nope. I was just having too much fun running and soaking up the cool weather.

So by the time I knew it, I've done with my 3rd round. I wanted to do more but I promised my mom I'd come back early. And anyway, the sun was getting fierce.

I was elated to see I've done 7.45 miles. A bit surprised. But Happy.
But then I checked my pace.
8.34 min/mile?
That can't be right.
There's no way I could have pulled that off. That's almost 12 freaking kilometers, man.

Then I checked my laps.
lap 1 : 10.44 min/mile
lap 2:   8.05 min/mile
lap 3:  8.53 min/mile
lap 4:  7.03 min/mile
lap 5:  9:41 min/mile
lap 6:  9:34 min/mile
lap 7:  8:04 min/mile

What the hell? Some of the lap readings were ridiculous. Totally off.
There is no, absolutely no way I could have pulled of 7:03 min in a mile.
I would have collapsed of an asthma attack.
Even when I did my speed sessions on the treadmill set to 7:42 pun macam nak pitam.
And 8:04 min/mile? 8:05? Equally beyond me in a 7 miler.
Not to be modest folks but for me to pull off these numbers would be magic.
Or a myth. Or a fairy tale.

So I was bummed the whole day wondering what went wrong with my foot pod or my Garmin. I tried to Google about false pace reading vs foot pod reading vs Garmin vs road running vs treadmill running and all I could register was tra la la la la yada yada yada german france urdu bla bla bla ( too heavy reading on a Saturday).

In the end,WW theorized that maybe my foot pod was  loose ( hence the false reading)  and I need to calibrate both my road running shoes and my treadmill shoes.

Secretly I wanted to sooo much to believe that my Garmin was telling the truth and I really did manage to run 7:03 min/mile without even realizing it.
Sigh. A girl can only dream.

So to test the whole loose foot pod theory and calibrating whatsit, I ran on the treadmill today for my strides, foot pod fastened tight, at 8:10 min/mile and I got a slight minor asthma attack on the first lap.
Theory confirmed.


It's like being given this and told, " Go on, eat it. It's only 50 calories. Promise."

And then after it's been gobbled off , you're told, " Oh did we say 50? We meant 5000 calories."

Ok then. Back to reality.
And training.

Oh by the way, I did polish off that ice cream cookie.
And it was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.


  1. Yakin boleh Doc!

    The reading was correct tu! ;)

  2. A girl can only dream, but in this case, someday it can be true :) keep running doc!

    1. A girl can and should always dream. But of course, in this case,the dream can come true. Betul tak, KJ? ^^

    2. KJ: It may. I guess if I quit my day job and take this more seriously...haha berangan.
      But then I love my day job too much..haha
      Lina: I'll take your word and keep on dreaming and crossing my fingers :)

  3. tak kepasai maknye kena standby nebulizer bagai, yarabbi indahnya rupa ice cream cookie itu. yg paling tepat sepatutnya, anak habiskan makan, maknye tolong jilatkan je belen2 kat pinggan tu, hehe

    1. Uih anaknya semestinya kena tolong makan jugak. Kira berjemaah syer-syer kalorinya. Baru keluarga bahagia..kehkeh

  4. Huhu. So techy talk with the pace & laps. And it's in imperial unit some more. Which reminds me, I need to brush up my maths/physic (running) cap again...soon I hope.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. Dream pace 7.03 min/mile (4.4 min/km)? Fuiyo! Boleh buat punya. Like, right now, it's not even my dream, it's a nightmare to be running at that pace. Hehe.

    1. Senang pe guna mile, tak payah susah2 nak convert bila baca Runner's World or Dailymile. Anyway,senang saiko diri. It's easier for me to think,"Today I'll go for a 6 miler" instead of 10K. Ugh.

      Ya la incik, your pace running in your dreams 7 min/mile. Kalau tgh nightmare, mursti la lagi laju 5 min/mile sbb nak lari dari antu.

  5. reading your posts is a welcome relief. You have such a natural wit. this comment may sound like a programmed spam but this is actually me, nadia, writing this. I hardly visit the blogs now that I am severely inactive in races but yours is be the first I go to.

  6. Hey, thanks. I was hoping you'd come back.
    And I think it's perfectly okay to be severely inactive in races because I am too. Haha.
    As long as we're happy with whatever we do to keep fit.