Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Buat je

This entry is to motivate my good friend KC and my demotivated best friend PP

Out of nowhere she asked ," How do you start?"
Interesting as that's what I struggle with everyday.
How do you overcome all the lame excuses you try to make? How do you overcome the :
"No mood la"
"Ate too much"
"Ate too little"
"Too hot outside"
"It's raining" ( even tho it's just a drizzle)
"No time"
For an amateur, I think I'm in no place to give out big advices.But the best I could come up with is ~ Don't think, just do.
That's just about it.
When you're tired or down or full or swarmed with work or just plain lazy, don't over analyze it, just put on your shoes and go.
The first 5 minutes will be grueling. You'll want to stop, you'll want to haul those shoes in the drain, you'll swear under your breath what the hell you got yourself into, but trust me after those 5 minutes it'll be okay. Just do.
Best yet, somewhere in the run, your feet will go on autopilot and suddenly you find yourself thinking "What? *insert appropriate mileage* already?
Trust me.
Don't really think of how tired you will be, how fast you are, how slow you're going, how far you're covering. At least, not too much.
At the end, you'll think, by golly she's right. You did that much. You did that far. You did it.

As I mentioned, I struggle with this too everyday. If only runs were not that tiring. Ain't it grand if you can run all day without being tired? This I told him. He wisely nodded, then said " That'll be just great. Right until you drop dead smack in the middle of the road"


(Last week accumulated run was only 19K. Don't think, just do. Hehe)


  1. oh yes, it will be great to be run from sun up to sun down - just go and go without having to think of anything.....

    I find running a way to de-stress for me. Sometimes when i feel lousy, feel bloated, feel headache, feel lazy, i forced myself to go running. I'll said - okay, do a 30mins round, then cukuplah.

    But always ended up doing much more, without realising.

    Julin, you are so right, my dear.

  2. kc tu sape? perasan dah ni...

  3. cheryl : my most ridiculous excuse yesterday ~ my ipod isn't charged enough. Tapi i ran anyway
    atud : tau takpeeeeee

  4. Betul..betul..betul..
    Memula memang malas..sekali tgk pedometer
    eceh..(padahal pedometer dah rosak)
    Apa yang penting, pakai kasut tu dulu and pergi ke taman/tempat nak jogging. Once dah dh smpi sure lari jugak.
    (Lagi semangat kalo tetibe ada jejaka macho sedang berlari kesorangan. Sampai semput napas nak kejar.)

    *Berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri

  5. haha..the last part is the sangat very betul